Trainer Characteristics by Marius Vasile


by Trainer : Marius Vasile

Monotone / irritating voice or laugh Good inflection,
Tone of voice annoyed, exasperated Tone of voice: unruffled
No visual contact Good visual contact
Doesn't know material / program Solid knowledge base - Credibility in area
Disorganized / unprepared Organized and prepared
Critical Understanding and attentive
Know-it-all Willing to share knowledge
Apathetic (indifferent, uninterested, unconcerned) Enthusiastic - excited about topic
Dwells on personal life / experiences Authenticates material with experiences and practical applications
Defensive, intolerant Receptive to questions; listens to the whole question before answering
Says things in the same way, repeatedly Flexible; willing to stop and find a new approach
Lack of presentation skills Good presentation skills
Can't deal with surprise hurdles (i.e. machines don't work, etc.) Handles the unexpected calmly and efficiently
Can't gauge the mood of the room Can gauge the mood of the room
Unprofessional appearance (incorrect / no uniform, poor attitude) Professional appearance (clothes, body language, attitude, self confidence)
No sense of humor. Has a sense of humor - someone who can make us laugh in the first few minutes
Too proper, stiff Likes to have fun