Marius Vasile and D Kreativ Group offers YOU a ten weeks training english open session

Standard English Language Courses
10-week modules (40 hours)

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English courses (on a Scale A1-C2 according to the Council of Europe Scale of levels and the European Language Portfolio)
• Communicative English Language training (CELT) - all levels
• Keys to Professional English (KPE) - intermediate to advanced
• Introduction to Business English (IBE) - elementary to intermediate
• Business English for Professionals (BEP) - advanced
Exam preparation courses:
o Cambridge
 FCE - First Certificate in English
 CAE - Certificate in Advanced English
 CPE - Certificate of Proficiency in English
 BEC (Vantage and Higher) - Business English Cambridge
o LCCI- International Qualifications
o LCCI - FTBE for Teachers of Business English
o IELTS - International English Language Testing System
o TOEFL - The Test of English as a Foreign Language
The complete preparation course for Cambridge exams consists of 3 modules (120 hours), including
mock-tests with individual feedback.
Customized course duration (on request) :
• 8-week modules (36 hours)
• intensive 6-week courses (36 hours)
• other flexible course formats

Special courses:
• Customised corporate courses with a focus on professional communication skills (over 5 languages: EN, FR, DE, IT, RO etc.)
• Training for European mobility and studies (on request, communicative courses of: EN, FR, DE, IT, etc.)
• Induction courses followed by structured distance programmes
• Residential courses on request

• Romanian for survival communication in an everyday as well as a professional setting
• Customised course design according to needs and language level
• Developing the trainees' language level and essential communication skills
• Improving cross-cultural awareness
• Relevant, realistic tasks for developing integrated skills through:
– 'learning by doing'
– communicative approach
– flexible course length and timetable
• Flexible starting date and course length.
>>> Click here for materials, resources and exercises for Limba română.


On request, we perform language audit for companies and language learners for assessing language competences in over 5 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, swell as less widely taught and learned languages ).
Language skills are defined in terms of levels of proficiency according to the Council of Europe Scale of attainment (basic user [A1/A2]- independent user [B1/B2] - proficient user [C1/C2]).
Calendar for Standard Courses at D Kreativ Group Language Centre
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Re-enrolment also by e-mail and telephone.
Enrolment and Placement Testing
Appointment for testing by
telephone/fax: 0351 42 48 54
mobile: 0769 688 406